How to Regulate Possession and Use of Phones/E-Devices to Create Phone-Free Schools, Improve PBIS, and Transform Discipline Without Sacrificing Communication, Quick Phone Access, & Edu. Benefits.

How Multi-tiered Safe Phone Foster Phone-Free and Improve PBIS


Why is asking teachers to remind students and confiscate phones practical and unenforceable?

Nearly 100% of students possess these devices and can use them covertly. The extreme addiction of students to their phones often leads to open confrontations when staff enforces any phone policies. Many teachers and administrators are hesitant to enforce these policies due to potential repercussions.

Why a total blanket ban by locking and confiscating all phones is inequitable, unsafe, and counterproductive?

  1. Inequitable: Some students may rely on their phones for educational purposes.
  2. Emergency Accessibility: In case of emergencies, having immediate access to their phones can be crucial for students to contact family or emergency services.
  3. Counterproductive: Smartphones are tools, and teachers may need students to use their phones for learning activities.
  4. Negative School Environment: It can lead to a lack of trust from teachers and students.



Balanced Solution: Multi-tiered Safe Pouch lets educators proactively regulate the possession and use of phones, earbuds, and smartwatches to have phone-free schools without sacrificing communication, quick phone access, and educational use.

Prioritizing communication, quick phone access, & accommodation

  1. All pouches have three holes for access and control (Turn On & Voice Commands.)
  2. All classrooms have Tier 1 Magnet to “unlock”’ any Tier 1 Blue Pouches quickly and easily.
  3. Only a few offenders will lock their devices in Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches. The pouch requires a larger magnet from the school’s Main Office to unlock it.

THREE Easy and Ready to Implement Options in two easy steps

Step 1: Number and check out Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouch to students through the Library system (e.g., M#) or record it on a Google Spreadsheet. All students are responsible for taking care of their pouches and bringing them to school and back home daily.

Step 2: Number and provide each classroom with a Tier 1 Magnet and one of Tier 2 Pouches.

Student Daily Task: At the entrances, students Silence their phones, and a dedicated staff member locks students’ phones, smartwatches, and earbuds in their pouches as they enter the school. (Recommended: School incorporates PBIS and rewards students Pouch Points). After school, teachers will unlock all Tier 1 pouches, but Tier 2 pouches will be unlocked at the Main Office.

8 Proactive and Multi-Tiered Measures and Interventions to Prevent Excuses and Hacks

  1. Students bringing any magnets will be confiscated forever, plus other disciplinary actions.
  2. Students without their pouches or who have broken pouches need to check out Tier 2 pouches from the Main Office, or their phones will be kept at the Main Office until students pick them up after school.
  3. Students who do not own a phone or have medical needs must have their parents fill out a verification form and provide the necessary documentation to the Main Office. Those students received a special sticker for their pouches to lock up alternative items like earbuds or makeup. Unverified students must go through a security check and/or parent notification.
  4. Students who refuse will get a parent call and will be denied entry until the student complies.
  5. All first-period teachers double-check the pouches. Teachers refer students to the Main Office if they don’t have a locked pouch with their devices turned off inside.
  6. Collaborative Tier 2 Interventions: Every classroom has at least one Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch. When enforcing it, teachers keep the student’s ID, write the pouch number on a Post-It Note, attach it to the student’s ID, and then submit it to the Main Office. Then, they can obtain another Tier 2 pouch to use in later classes as needed.
  7. Tier 3 Interventions: For defiant students or repeat offenders, immediate referral to administrators is easily enforceable.
  8. DAMAGED/VANDALIZED OR LOSS: Students’ parents are responsible for Repair Fee ($5) or Replacement ($15). Meanwhile, those students borrow Orange Safe Pouch Daily

Challenging Schools need to incorporate PBIS with the Pouch Points Incentive System.

At the entrances, students earn a Pouch Points stamp when arriving on time and following all expectations. The stamps are school currency students use to purchase selected sports or school events tickets or permission to participate in an event or go on a field trip. Tardy students don’t earn the points.

Individual classrooms have their unique Pouch Points stamp and log. Tardy students don’t earn the point. The stamps are the class currency, and students use them to purchase Late Pass, Homework Pass, and Retake Assessments. Unused points are counted as extra credit.

Accountability: When a staff member sees a student has a device out, they can cross out 5 school stamps with their name. If it’s in class, students lose both the school and class Pouch Point Stamps. A staff also locks the devices in Tier 2 Pouch if a staff member has it.

Transform School Discipline with Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches & Pouch Points System

Traditional disciplinary methods, like suspensions, often exclude students from learning opportunities and disproportionately affect certain at-risk groups, especially for minor infractions. Collective Tier 2 Interventions among all teachers and staff improve students' behaviors early and reduce workload for administrators to tackle most at-risk students. Administrators use Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches as positive and impactful alternatives to suspensions to correct minor infractions by locking up students’ phones in Tier 2 pouches and deducting Pouch Points to correct students’ behaviors early instead of resorting to suspensions or ineffective actions.


In School 1:1 Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch Implementation

LOWEST COST OPTIONS: CLASS SET – Least Effective & Inconsistent 

Step 1: Label and assign 6 Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches .1 Magnet, and 1 Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch in each classroom. 

STUDENTS’ DAILY TASKS: As students enter the school, they Silence (or Turn Off) their phones and put them with their smartwatches and earbuds in their backpacks.

TIER 2 & TIER 3 ENFORCEMENT: In class, teachers can lock up offenders in Blue Safe Pouch instead of confiscating it, and teachers unlock it after class (TIER 1). Repeated offenders will be locked up in Tier 2 pouches or to be confiscated (Tier 3). Defiant students will be referred to the administrator for additional consequences. Administrators should frequently visit classes of teachers who may need help to enforce it so that administrators can support the teachers with Tier 2 Orange pouches. Outside the classrooms, any students caught having it out in school will be confiscated or locked in Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch by administrators or Supervisors.


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