• (Student-Led Engaging Education Designed for Understanding)

    Most effective and all-in-one Blended Instruction based on a data-driven and Mutli-tiered System of Support. With all essential technologies and the Interactive Gradebook in one place, teachers can provide real-time feedback and auto-updated grades while empowering teachers to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 academic support and EQUITABLE support in seconds. 

    With our Dual-Gradebook system, teachers can offer individualized MTSS support throughout the entire semester. This includes accepting late work, permitting assessment retakes, extending time allowances, awarding partial credits, and automatic grading and updating grades in real-time

    Support parents, SPED teachers, counselors, and administrators with detailed and easy-to-access reports on each student's grade history and other vital data. Users can simply log in using the Google credentials provided by the student or access the information on platforms such as Q, Infinite Campus, Aeries, or other SIS systems. Sleedu delivers real-time, detailed data on student's efforts, progress, and grades, including all student responses, scores, and more.

    If you like to see how it works, please contact us.

    100% of any financial support is used toward AWS cloud server fees and other operating costs--NEVER on staff's salary. 


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